Our core production platform continues to develop in China, Pakistan, Indian, Vietnam & Bangladesh which generates new levels of customer service through partnership sourcing and long term mutual understanding of the complex production process.

Whilst production sourcing continues to expand to an ever broader base to meet both customer appetite for new product and commercial pricing. We continue only to use those mills and established partners with proven background and with the mentality to meet these ever changing and challenging demands evoked by the global market place we work in.

Working to ISO9001(2000), ISO14001 and OHSAS ISO18001 Standards, Quality Assurance Departments ensure that Vanguard’s production meet the high standards demanded by our detailed production specifications. Also working to New Detox and Oeketex standards to comply with Aldi’s and the industry new emerging requirements.

Production of both Vanguard’s own label and customers’ exclusive lines are subjected to the most rigorous testing procedures. Only when they are completely satisfied is the product released for onward distribution.


Commitment To Service

A dedicated operations team and local offices ensure that production programmes are allocated and progressed in-line with customer requirements. These dedicated local offices manage a group of nominated customers, enabling the development of specialised knowledge of individual account requirements. An ongoing programme of investment in computerised business systems and communications gives Vanguard the leading edge in today’s ever competitive marketplace.


Main Service Points:

  • Develop and manage quotations
  • Conducting supplier audits
  • We can Offer an escorted planned buying programme
  • Translator & interpreter service
  • Effective Communication
  • Negotiating contracts and preferential payment terms
  • Mixed container loads (small quantity) purchases, subject to MOQ
  • Effective supplier management


General Enquiries

For further information regarding our range of services and to discuss your requirements with us, please contact us on 0345 459 7014. Alternatively, you can contact us by way of email to: info@vanguardtextiles.com or by using the contact form on our contact page.

What Our Clients Say