Vanguard Textiles has built one of the strongest international sourcing and relationship management teams specialising in home textiles and associated products in Asia.

Every member of the team has worked with the founding partners for many years. The team has intimate knowledge of the production process and sourcing requirements of a vast and accredited supply chain.


Collectively, The Vanguard Textiles Team Has The Skills To:

  • Independently identify and translate new opportunities
  • Provide incisive analysis
  • Understand the unique issues that arise when sourcing globally
  • Lead negotiations and drive price solutions to meet the most demanding profiles, whilst maintaining ethical and social practices


The team has strong global relationships with the relevant quality proven supply chain and institutional trading bodies. These skills and relationships ensure early advantage in new and developing markets as they arise.

We work hard to maintain and develop and ensure we are always one step ahead with our sourcing effort whilst dually maximising customer advantage.


General Enquiries

For further information regarding our range of services and to discuss your requirements with us, please contact us on 0345 459 7014. Alternatively, you can contact us by way of email to: or by using the contact form on our contact page.

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